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About Kiko

Kiko Live was conceived with a simple yet innovative vision – to digitize and empower local neighborhood retailers. Whether it’s kiranas, pharmacies, stationeries, or paan-wallahs, every local retailer can join our platform and leverage our app to streamline and expand their home delivery services.

Through our collaboration with ONDC as a Seller NP, Kiko sellers gain visibility across various ONDC buyer apps, such as PayTM, PhonePe, MyStore, and more. By enlisting as a seller on the Kiko Live platform, businesses experience a substantial increase in their online presence, leading to enhanced visibility and significant business growth. This streamlined process enables sellers to efficiently scale up and boost their revenue.

Kiko has garnered support from prominent investors, including Venture Catalysts, 9 Unicorns, Powerhouse Ventures, and SOSV, among others. Currently boasting over 100,000+ installations and a network of 10,000 verified sellers, Kiko continues to thrive with the backing of Venture Catalysts, 9 Unicorns, and SOSV.

Alok Chawla

Co-Founder & CEO

Neeta Chawla

Co-Founder & COO

Virendra Kumar Chouhan

Co-Founder & CTO

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