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KIKO Live offers you endless options in terms of shopping and entertainment.

    1. Discover local Shops: Buy & sell online daily from your known favourite and trusted local shops
    2. Video calling : Avoid communication gaps when videoconferencing & make direct contact with the vendors.
    3. Fast delivery : Who can wait for the stuff they ordered? Get quick, hassle-free delivery right to your doorstep in 30-45 minutes with live tracking.
    4. Earn loyalty coins : Earn Loyalty coins to redeem for exciting products from Kiko Rewards Store inside the app. Also use Loyalty coins to pay for your deliveries!
    5. Shopping : Do you have any doubts about a product? Don’t be concerned; get assistance from our trusted salesperson while shopping.
    6. Giveaway of a Product : Who doesn’t enjoy receiving gifts? Participate in contests & giveaways to win fantastic prizes.
    7. Shoppable Videos : We don’t want you to miss out on your favourite items while you’re viewing. You may shop for things while watching videos on our site.

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