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<strong>What is the purpose of Kiko Live Seller App?</strong>

Kiko Live empowers retailers and D2C brands to easily sign up for a FREE digital storefront for seamless buying and selling online. Additionally, Kiko Live is integrated with ONDC (Open Network for Digital Commerce), an initiative by the Government of India. This integration enables sellers registered on Kiko Live to gain exposure across various ONDC buyer apps such as PayTM, MyStore, and others, significantly amplifying their visibility and get orders from a huge new customer base. This presents a remarkable opportunity for retailers to expand their businesses manifold.

<strong>How can I register as a seller on Kiko Live?</strong>

You may register on our web app or our mobile app. The process is simple and quick. Please have your basic details like Aadhar, PAN, GST and Bank details ready before starting the registration. Ensure that you also have a digital copies of all of the above plus a cancelled cheque will be required for uploading during registration.

<strong>Is the GST Certificate mandatory for registration?</strong>

Yes, GST certificate is mandatory.

<strong>Are there any training sessions specifically for newly registered sellers?</strong>

Yes Kiko Live arranges training sessions for newly onboarded sellers on aspects such as inventory management, operating the Seller panel, processing orders, updating prices and inventory etc. so that the seller can effectively manage the seller account and process orders.

There are also demo videos freely available to on the platform which you can refer to for any process-related issues.

<strong>Will I receive notifications about my orders?</strong>

Yes you will receive a notification via Kiko Live web app. By logging in to the Kiko Live dashboard, you can see every order and updated status of the orders.

<strong>How do I track my sales and performance as a seller?</strong>

Guidance on accessing sales reports, analytics, and performance metrics within the seller dashboard.

<strong>How do we know when our order is eligible for payouts?</strong>

Order is eligible for payout after successful delivery. In case of non-returnable product ordered, payout is eligible 2 days after the successful delivery. For returnable products ordered, payout is eligible 2 days after expiry of return period..

<strong>What is the payout frequency? How often are the settlements processed?</strong>

Currently Kiko Live processes settlements thrice a week.

<strong>Can we set the payment mode as Cash on delivery?</strong>

Since buyer apps allow orders on prepaid basis only. Therefore until a buyer app is willing to allow orders on Cash on Delivery (COD), the payment mode should be set as prepaid by a seller app, and thus the seller.

<strong>What is the commission percentage charged by Kiko Live on every order?</strong>

For orders received from the seller’s website (or Kiko’s microsite), Kiko Live does not charge any commission. For ONDC orders, Sellers are charged a commission of 5% onwards plus applicable taxes. This includes the payment gateway fees and buyer app commissions. Additionally, 1% TCS is deducted which is deposited into your Income Tax account and can be adjusted against your tax returns.

<strong>Do I get help for delivering the orders?</strong>

Yes Kiko Live is integrated with hyperlocal logistic providers who can help out with your deliveries at an additional cost. We are adding more delivery partners regularly to give sellers more options for shipping. Retailers can also choose to use their own delivery staff for hyperlocal delivery.

<strong>Will I get the packing material for packing & dispatching the products from the seller NP?</strong>

No, Kiko Live does not provide any packing material.

<strong>How easy is it to list my products and catalogue?</strong>

Kiko Live has a repository of thousands of products sorted by EAN (Barcode) and this repository is constantly increasing in size. Retailers can simply map the EAN codes of products in the inventory and do a one click bulk upload to list their products.
For D2C brands, you can also use the bulk upload tool or choose to list items one by one. There is also an AI based listing and description generator tool to make listing simple and effortless.

<strong>What is ONDC?</strong>

ONDC is the Open Network Digital Commerce, a Govt. of India initiative. ONDC does not have its Application but provides an open protocol for different applications across Demand Generation, Supply & Logistics to integrate with the protocol for facilitating e-commerce transactions.

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